Start sending better notices

A new way for sharing notices and announcements for organizations and institutions
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Instant notifications for new notices and announcements

Notice attachments to help you share files and documents with organization members.

Accessible from multiple platforms. Web, Android and Windows Phone



  • Access all notices from your phone at any time from anywhere

  • Receive real time notifications as soon as a notice is posted


  • People will easily search and follow your noticeboards

  • You can set the privacy of your boards


  • Number of people who have received and read your notices

  • The hours of the day when people read your notices

Comments and reactions

  • Discuss more about notices using the comments

  • Quickly express what you feel about notices using emoji reactions


  • Let other people help you in posting notices based on roles and permissions

  • No more sharing passwords!

Pepeza Vs Other Services

SMS Email Pepeza
Price - - FREE
Real-time notifications Tick Tick Tick
Rich content support - Tick Tick
Spam free - - Tick
Analytics - - Tick
Comments and reactions - - Tick
Collaboration - - Tick

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